Raise Funds for your School, Team or Nonprofit

Golf Steel City helps you provide great area golf at a great price — while raising money for your organization. And we make it easy! We offer two different ways to work together, and allow you to choose the one most fitting for your situation. Or, you can do them both!

Option A: Tangible, In-Person Card Sales

If you have an on-site event, or have a group of face-to-face sales people, this is the option for you.

We will sell you a batch of cards, as few as 20, or as many as 100, for a discounted upfront fee. Then you keep all the additional money you make after selling them. Contact us on Facebook or via our form on our contact page.

Option B: eCommerce Tracking Codes

If you want to send out emails, text messages, and social media posts, and then let us fulfill the shipping of the golf cards, this is the best option for you. You’ll still get a large percentage of each sale, but will have to do none of the logistical work.

We will provide you with the following:

  • A custom coupon tracking unique to your organization.
  • A custom website url that matches the coupon code. You can distribute this to anyone, and when they click it the tracking code will be automatically added to their order.
  • A custom image you can use in emails or on social media that includes your name and/or logo and tracking code, as well as an image of our card (so your .
  • Templated copy you can copy and paste and use in emails or on social media.

Cards retail $49.99 each, and $169.99 for a foursome pack, plus tax. Each card entitles the buyer to a free green fee at each of our area partner courses.